Links to related materials about Jazz: the process; the history; the players.

Preeminent composer of big band music, Darcy James Argue

Saxophonist/composer Kelly Bucheger has an insightful and nerdy (for us saxophonists) blog: transcriptions and great writing.

Pianist George Colligan's Jazz Truth

Flagship Jazz Radio station of the West Coast, KCSM JAZZ 91.1FM

NPR's Jazz Blog: A Blog Supreme

Bob Parlocha, one of the best Jazz DJ's out there: If Stan Getz was a DJ, he'd sound like this.

Looking to stream your favorite show from KCSM or another station? RadioFreeAmerica is the place.

Looking for the provenance of a tune or title? Phil Schaap has that and more.

An old friend and wonderful alotoist, David Valdez offers a veritable compendium of Jazz-ness